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Now you can shop & buy Ultimaker products and services such as 3D printer filament materials, accessories, service plans, maintenance kits and selected 3D printer offers online. Payment is in Singapore dollars and with delivery to your location right here in Singapore. This online shop is owned by Print-IQ Singapore, the official authorized Ultimaker distributor in Singapore.

Empower your business with our integrated ecosystem

Our integrated ecosystem of reliable hardware, extensively tested materials, and feature rich slicing software sets the foundation for the creation of optimized profiles that guarantee a seamless 3D printing experience, from start to finish. These preconfigured profiles automatically adjust material and Ultimaker print core settings in Ultimaker Cura, ensuring easier setup and smoother, quicker print results.

Widest Choice of Print Filament Materials

Ultimaker’s wide range of 3D printer filament materials offer remarkable possibilities. Combine two build materials for advanced dual-color printing, or achieve astonishing complexity with build and water-soluble support material combinations (e.g. Nylon and PVA, PLA and PVA, or CPE and PVA).  Ultimaker’s first-party material portfolio provides a rigorously tested range of 11 materials. And each Ultimaker 3D printer features an open filament system, which allows you to use any third-party filament. We have also combined our material expertise with leading brands to create the Ultimaker Material Alliance. The ability to choose almost any 3D printing filament means your application opportunities become endless.

Ultimaker is industry known for producing high-quality, professional 3D printers with their own line of materials to match. Every spool of filament has an NFC chip, specifically for Ultimaker 3D printers to read and enable the necessary settings for that material, along with logging the material left on the spool. This feature will make it a lot easier to keep track of filament usage and increased usability with the Ultimaker Cloud.

Click Ultimaker 3D Printer Filament to select your filament or 3D printing materials for your 3D printer.

For guidance or help on selecting Ultimaker filaments, click Guide to Ultimaker Filaments

Maximize Performance with Ultimaker 3D Printers

Ultimaker 3D printers offer high uptime, fast changeovers, and reliable, consistent results. Print complex functional prototypes, manufacturing tools, and high-detail mechanical parts – with industrial-grade build and water soluble support material combinations.

Meet the Ultimaker S-Line : Built to run continuously and maximize uptime, Ultimaker S-line 3D printers combine dual extrusion, advanced connectivity, an open filament system, and an intuitive UI. They enable easy-to-use 3D printing for even more applications – from rapid prototyping to on-demand tooling and end-use parts in the office and workshop.

To find out more on the latest 3D printers available in Singapore, click on Ultimaker 3D Printers

Ultimaker Accessories

Power up your 3D printer for an enhanced 3D printing experience or ensure fast and easy 3D printer maintenance. Print cores, replacement parts and more for all your Ultimaker 3D printers. Click on Ultimaker Accessories.

Other Ultimaker Products & Service

Service plans, maintenance products and many other Ultimaker products and services are also available here in this online shop. Shop for the best maintenance products, service protection (warranty plans), selected 3D printer and other Utlimaker products online with delivery in Singapore. Click Others to find out more.



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