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Ultimaker Filament Materials

Optimized, industrial-grade materials.

Ultimaker filament materials has a wide range and offer remarkable possibilities. Combine two build materials for advanced dual-color printing, or achieve astonishing complexity with build / water-soluble support material combinations (e.g. Nylon and PVA, PLA and PVA, or CPE and PVA). Using Ultimaker’s integrated ecosystem, customers enjoy a smoother 3D printing experience, with reliable, impressive results. Wide range of filament materials including PLA, ABS, CPE, Nylon, Tough PLA, CPE, CPE+, TPU , PP, PC (Polycarbonate) and support materials like PVA and Breakaway are now available for customers to shop and buy online with delivery in Singapore.

Click the below for overview and guide to Ultimaker Filaments.
Overview & Guide to Ultimaker Filament materials