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Ultimaker PETG Filament

Easy to use and versatile, it is the best PETG filament on the market

Ultimaker PETG filament is specially formulated to be easy to use and versatile for Ultimaker 3D printers. PETG filament is an excellent material to use when you need toughness, chemical, wear and temperature resistance, yet need some pliability. It’s also incredibly easy to print with and a low shrink-factor. These qualities make it as reliable as ABS but with the ease of printing with PLA.

Ultimaker PETG filament is an ideal material for creating end-use parts, functional prototypes, or manufacturing aids that establish safety and organization in complex, industrial settings, while holding up to those often-severe environments. And because Ultimaker 3D printers are already equipped with state of the art printing profiles for Ultimaker PETG, you can be up and printing this PETG filament material as soon as you need it.

Available for online purchase with delivery in Singapore.

Click below to download Technical datasheet
Ultimaker PETG technical datasheet v1.0