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Ultimaker Polypropylene Filament (PP)

Fatigue and chemical-resistant with Ultimaker Polypropylene filament

As the second most used polymer worldwide, PP offers many possibilities for both prototypes and end-use parts. Ultimaker Polypropylene filament (PP) material is durable, with high toughness and fatigue resistance. This means that PP retains its shape after torsion, bending, or flexing. It has very low friction, allowing parts that are in contact with each other to move smoothly over each other. PP is also semi-flexible. While it’s not as flexible as TPU 95A, it can still be a good option if you’re looking for a material with slight flexibility. It also has good chemical, temperature, and electrical resistance so it is ideal as an electrical insulator. Another key advantage of PP is that it has a low density, making it perfect for the creation of lightweight parts. Furthermore, it has good translucent properties. From electrical components to living hinges, Polypropylene filament (PP) is ideal for 3D printing prototypes and end-use products. Available now for online purchase with delivery in Singapore.

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Technical Datasheet PP v3.0 

NOTE : An alternative to Ultimaker PP filaments is also shown below for customers consideration. Item is clearly indicated with the Ultrafuse in the description.